Alpha Xi Delta

Beta Sigma at West Virginia Wesleyan College

The Alpha Xi Delta Experience

"Realizing your potential is more than just a slogan, within it holds a concept that is much more deep and powerful. It’s a fulfilling promise that within Alpha Xi Delta, you will blossom and flourish into the best version of yourself, while gaining endless memories and friendships that will last eternally. Alpha Xi Delta’s love and generosity is contagious, and almost infectious. It opens the deepest parts of your heart, that you might not have even known to exist. This chapter, Beta Sigma, gives a whole new meaning to sisterhood. It is feeling so warm and intense, it is almost indescribable. Our originality breaks stereotypes of what someone might consider a “typical sorority,” and I am honored and grateful to be a part of a group of women that individually stay true to themselves. Equally, this chapter has formed the strongest support system I have ever come to know, because we are more than just best friends, we are family. I am always in awe to see how much my sisters can accomplish in the arts, sciences and athletics, and I’m so proud that I get to cheer them on along the way through all their journeys. I truly believe that I will live a longer life because of all the happiness, strength and confidence I have gained through my sisters. My love for and this organizations will never fade, in fact, it intensifies each and every day… and you don’t encounter that kind of pure love every day, but I’m so thankful I do." 

-Sister, Kyra Lasko